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Our Story

HÔME has been created with love during the COVID-19 crisis, when 2 brothers came home and decided to share their passion for meditation! They quickly embarked their sister with them too!

Our mission is to serve you. We aim to accompany you on your meditation and spiritual journey. We share insights and knowledge. In moment of doubt we want to be this comforting voice which will remind you why you started meditation and where you are going. We offer free powerful meditations made simple by certified and qualified yogis to all, wherever you are and whenever you want :)

We are multilingual souls who have lived across various countries and cultures in Europe, Asia and Pacific.

We would absolutely love you to comment our content, to share your experiences, to share feedback, and if you like it please feel free to spread the love to others.

With love from the HÔME team, the Home Ôf Meditation and Enlightenment.

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