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Sat, 23 Mar



Yoga Flame X Romain D - Sat 23 march

“If you were to ask me what the single most important event in my life has been, I would have to tell you it was learning meditation. At the moment you witness your silent awareness… there is a shift, there is a before and after” Romain Duvergé

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Yoga Flame X Romain D - Sat 23 march
Yoga Flame X Romain D - Sat 23 march

Time & Location

23 Mar 2024, 14:00 – 16:00

Genève, Gal Jean-Malbuisson 15, 1204 Genève, Switzerland


About the event

Looking to sleep better? Be calmer? Happier? Improve an aspect of your life? A better understanding of who you are and your life purpose? Meditation can certainly help.

I too often hear people wanting to practice meditation but saying to me “I don’t know where to start ?” or “I tried on an app but I really struggled and just concluded that I suck at it, my mind is too busy and that it works for others but not for me”

I have been practicing since 2017 and teach formally since 2021. I am deeply passionate about helping everyone and anyone start this inner voyage, that what feels me with great joy and sense of purpose. It is in my personal experience the most incredible of all journeys, but it comes with his challenges (like all great adventures), having someone to guide you can make all the difference and it would be my absolute pleasure and honor to be that light for you.

More practically here are some of the elements we will be playing with in this interactive workshop as we travel together:

· The planning:

o A brief history of meditation

o Why meditate? Explore the various type of meditations and the latest scientific research

· The ascension:

o Introduction to Primordial Sound Meditation

o History of Deepak Chopra & the Chopra Center

o What is Primordial Sound Meditation? One of the most powerful yet simple meditation practice

o Learn the basics of mantra meditation: the “gap” and mantra as a magic tool

· The big jump:

o Guided Meditation: meditation is a practice, we could talk about it for the 2 hours but in the end it is an experiential practice, so sit tight and let’s jump on an inner voyage beyond mind & body

· The landing:

o Gentle landing, opportunity to share our experiences and return to this mind body in the here and now

· The beginning of your new journey

o Discuss how to implement meditation in your daily life and sharing best tips and practices

o Review of the various Apps and programs, discuss various retreats (silent retreats including the like of Vipassana, dark retreats for the most adventurous…)

o Opportunity to pair with other participants to create a community and accountability

More about Romain:

Romain have found a deep meaning of its existence during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic when with his younger brother they co-founded HÔME to promote meditation to the world.

After a 1-year long course, Romain received his meditation instructor certification by the Chopra center in February 2021 to offer Primordial Sound Meditation.

Romain has also completed the Sadhguru Inner Engineering 4-day program with the Isha Foundation, a Vipassana 10-day silent retreat, and a 1-month retreat in India including 15 days in silence & darkness.

Romain is currently working in collaboration with indigenous people from the Amazon forest to heal mind and body in which meditation practices can be included in combination with music and plant medicines.

His favorite practices are: Mantra Meditation including Primordial Sound Meditation, Vipassana, and silent & dark retreats. Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga. Breathwork/Pranayama, Wim Hoff and cold-water exposure in particular in Geneva lake. Music healing.

His favorite authors: Deepak Chopra, Sadhguru, and Eckhart Tolle.

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