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Frequently Ask Questions

We have compiled for you here the most frequent questions, but if you have any other questions, please check the forum. Your question remain unanswered? Then please contact us and we would be more than happy to answer you directly.

I struggle with meditation, why would this technique would be any different?

Many surveys and our own experience teaching have showned that this technique is typically "easy" yet extremely powerful. Indeed, while meditation can be challenging, as we are not used to stay in silence and simply observe our thoughts. So what's different? This technique uses a sound or a mantra in sanskrit to quiet the mind The trick? It is as simple as you can't be thinking a thought and thinking the mantra at the same time, that simple!

How long each meditation session should last?

As little as 5 to 10 mins a day can create incredible changes in your life. So start with that. Then over the time, you will create new path in your brain and get used with meditation, so you will be able to sit for longer period of time. 20-35 mins are typically the sweet spot for someone with an active life. If you have the luck to be on holidays or on a retreat you can do longer sessions.

When is the best time to meditate?

Ideally first thing in the morning before or around sunrise.

Should I have any previous experience to learn this technique?

No pre-requesite and totally fine if you have been practising another meditation technique before. Deepak Chopra actually started with Transcendental Meditation for 20 years and then designed this technique, so don't your worry ;)

What the right posture to meditate?

No need to sit a lotus position, only requirement the spine should be straight and you should be comfortable with no pain for the entire meditation.

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