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The HÔME Team

The team is here to help you reconnect with your true-self to find your inner peace with simple yet powerful meditation techniques.

Romain Duvergé

HÔME Co-Founder

Certified Meditation Instructor

Romain, is a RM at Bank Syz based in Geneva. Since 2017, Romain practices Yoga and meditation daily. During COVID-19, he felt the need to do more to help others. Romain completed a 1-year meditation teaching program with the Chopra center, created HÔME, co-founded GS Mindfulness Community and now run monthly meditation classes at Bank Syz. Romain has been teaching meditation across the globe to his family, friends, colleagues, and even clients.


Vincent Duvergé

HÔME  Co-Founder

Certified Health Coach

Ayurvedic Masseur

Vincent, an ex-chef in Australia, took a U-turn in 2018 and came back home in the south of France. Always passionate by spirituality, a new interest arise for Yoga and Ayurveda, he decided to become a Ayurvedic masseur. During COVID-19 pandemic, Vincent offered free meditation and health coaching sessions through it's non-profit project on Instagram named Another.Universal.Mankind.

Solène Duvergé

HÔME  Artistic Director

Ph.D, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 


Solène as a vet enjoys connecting with nature and animals. Like her brothers, she is also a yoga and meditation adept. In addition, Solène brings to the team another eye on meditation through her photography passion for immortalisazing life moments. You can enjoy her fantastic artwork on her website at

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